Minimum Advertised Price

At Murano Alliance, we believe that our community of creators, artists, backers, friendly local gaming stores, conventions, reviewers, and online forums is what makes our dreams possible and our games great. These relationships not only inform but define what Murano Alliance is.

Moreover, we want our relationships to be as direct as possible. Kickstarter campaigns are central to that. Afterward, we only sell to customers directly at conventions, directly online from our website, and through friendly local gaming stores, where we know customers will be well-served. We will also cooperate with some online stores provided they do maintain prices that are not undercutting massively those of the friendly local gaming stores.

This structure also enables us to confidently offer backers discounted pricing on our Kickstarter campaigns as well as rewards such as free expansion content that will not be in the initial retail release of our games.

We encourage fans of our games to follow us on social media and to stay up to date with us on forums, with reviewers, and at conventions. It is the best way to learn about our new product launches, and we encourage our fans to contact their friendly local gaming store about carrying Murano Alliance titles.